darkskullpirates asked:

Hello! I am an up and coming artist trying to make a name for myself. i have been practicing with the graphics tablet, and getting progressively better at it. But i still think I'm better on paper. I've enjoyed your work for a long while, and have seen you talk about freelance work in the past. I was wondering, how does one get into that sort of work? Any tips or pointers on where I should be searching?

Well hello there “Up and coming artist!” I appreciate that you enjoy my work :) I’m not sure if I am the best person for this topic… haha… but when it comes to freelancing there are so many ways you can get it. There is no “one way” at least to my knowledge… I’ve gotten them through websites, luck, friends, connections/networking, commissions, etc. The ways I am going to list are ways that have worked for me personally. 

I am signed up on just nearly about every freelancing website online I can find. Some are easy and some are a pain in the ass to use. Sign up on most of them and then use them to figure out which one’s work best for you.

One’s I’ll filter through occasionaly:

I lately have been fortunate enough to just have good luck and friends. I’ve had a bit of freelance Storyboading through a company that I originally went to do grunt work for. It was just 3 days of paid work to move heavy furnature down two flights stairs by myself into a storage unit. Later the head of the Studio saw me drawing on my break and asked if I did Storyboards. I said yes and then I shortly after had freelance work. Thats just luck honestly.  

I’ve also been lucky enough to have good friends who get paid to do the things they love and they hire me to work for them. Mostly odd jobs they need help on/can afford to pay me. Its never consistent enough work to live off of. I’m constantly having to grab more and more freelance work to barely get by. I am hoping one day I will have a stable job. 


I will also occasionally hold commissions. I personally find it very hard to make money from this method. I believe you should charge what you find what your time/art is worth. I personally don’t believe in the idea of “going super cheap because other artists are.” It’s usually not worth it in the long run. It also makes it harder for other freelance artists to make a decent income. I would hate to hinder my fellow artists by cheapening myself out. I also believe you’re free to charge whatever you want though. So if you want to charge super cheap have at it. 

Don’t take any shame in pandering to the audiences off of any fan art or other large fan based media/venues. If you enjoy working on your own and you want to survive off it then it’s probably the way to go. I don’t do this usually but its a method I know tons of people do and it works well for them. Doing commissions can also vary depending on your online status to a degree.

I personally love doing all this freelance work. Its fun to always be working on a different project and constantly being apart of something new. It’s also cool working from home! Unfortunately freelance work comes with a lot of stress and risks of not making enough money to pay rent, bills, loans, etc. I would prefer not to have to live this way if I currently had the choice.


  • There is no easy way to get a lot of freelance work at once.
  • Apply to all freelance jobs that you can find.
  • It takes a lot of time and patients to apply.
  • None of its easy.
  • Probably won’t pay well enough to live off of. (Depends on your living situation.)

    Hope some of this helps if not oh well! *farts to the moon*